Structure your company for success.

Bethlehem Capital is the ideal partner for leading B2B software and internet companies. Minority or majority investments, growth capital or liquidity for founders and early investors.

Duration Planning

We specialize in helping established businesses create transition plans for owners, prepare for strategic growth for generations to come, and equip their infrastructure for digital transformation to stay current. Setting practices in place that enable continual evolution and updating, we position companies to never fall behind.

Domain Based Knowledge

We engineer the right business processes and HR models custom fitted with software specific to the needs of our partners. Automated processes and lead generation conversion with targeted metrics provide you with state of the art solutions.

Scalable Data Centers

Specializing in information technology and data center development, we help businesses looking to expand by building on the back end.

Global Companies

Businesses looking to expand their operations to a 24/5 or 24/7 level get access to our international resource network. We have wholly owned operations with offices around the world.

Brand Building

Developing a thorough brand and distinctive company culture is crucial for business growth. Branding is not just about a logomark or verbal cues, but the processes, methodology and company culture from the smallest practice to grand scale operations.

Platform Software Services

We create a process design that is custom built for the specific needs of your company. With our resources and expertise, highly effective applications will streamline every inch of corporate structure, allowing for more efficiency and productivity.

Bethlehem Capital is the perfect partner with
their tech expertise and capital resources.

Chris Hacken, NEPA Fiber

We believe in the imagination of the entrepreneur.


A capable, experienced team.

We combine initiative with hard work to produce measurable results.